Tile & Grout Cleaning

We clean and seal floors, countertops, showers, patios, fireplaces – anywhere you have tile surfaces. Both newly installed tiles as well as existing tiles are treated.

When tile is too badly damaged for cleaning, we can replace all the grout between the tiles, for an as-good-as-new finish.

These cleaned kitchen tiles look like they have been freshly installed…

The natural stone tile join was carefully polished and restored…

Natural stone tiles polished and restored

These shower tiles were cleaned and polished in Palo Alto and now look as good as new again.

Cleaned grout and shower tiles

After ten years of neglect, this green marble shower had become bleached and dull. As you can see, the results are dramatic, and the beautiful green color was restored. 

Green marble tiles cleaned and restored

These reclaimed terracotta tiles in Palo Alto were cracked and loose, after refitting they were secure and safe to walk on;

Repaired terracotta tiles in Palo Alto

We re-grout damaged areas, replace tiles, fix scratches and repair lip-page from bad stone installs. We can carefully remove all the mildew and limescale that ruin in the finish of bathroom tiles for a finish that looks as good as new!